What happens when the wrong number is on the patient's file during quick registration?

Vital will send text messages to any number associated with the patient, including newly added phone numbers.

In order to ensure that the patient receives a text message as soon as possible, we send a text message to any number that we receive as soon as we receive it.

Sometimes a patient may have changed numbers since their previous visit, and the text message may go to the wrong number. In order to ensure that only the patient is able to log into the application, anyone who clicks on the invite link will need to authenticate that they are the patient.

If the number is updated at any time after initial registration, and no one has logged into the visit already, the new number will be sent the same welcome and invite text messages.

If the patient hasn't received a text message yet, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Make sure that the patient has a smart phone with web-browsing capabilities
  2. Ensure that the patient's correct phone number is in the system
  3. Update the patient's phone number if necessary
  4. Allow the system time to update - often no more than 5 minutes

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