How do I log into Vital Response?

If your ED uses Vital Response, this article will show you how to log into Vital Response for clinicians

Vital Response uses your hospital's existing security infrastructure, along with a single-use secure link sent directly to your email. To log in, simply do the following:

  1. visit
  2. Enter in your facility-issued email address
  3. click Send Link

If you entered in an authorized email address, you should receive an email from Vital with a secure URL link. Simply click this link, and your browser will open up Vital Response for your facility.

What do I do if Vital Response can't find my email address?

If you entered in your facility-issued email address and received the following message:

Oops, we can't find an account for that address. Please check the spelling and try again.

Please verify the email address spelling. If the email address continues to fail, please reach out to us at