How many times can a patient enter the wrong last name before the visit is locked?

After three attempts, the SMS code that was sent is deactivated.

There are many reasons that someone other than the patient may get the invite text message - most often because the patient's phone number was either out of date in the system, or the number was transposed.

In either case, it is necessary to ensure that no one, other than the patient, can properly access the visit data in the app. To help with this, we deactivate the visit link sent in the SMS after three incorrect attempts.

Rarely, a patient may fail to authenticate to their own visit. If this happens, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Verify that the patient's last name is correct in the registration system
  2. You may want to validate that the patient is using the correct last name as well
  3. Update the patient's last name if necessary
  4. Allow the system time to update - usually 5 minutes is enough time

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