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How does the Vital Patient app work?

Using facility data, the Patient app provides visit updates and wait time estimates to patients and their family/loved ones.

  • When the patient arrives in the ED, the patient is registered in the patient registration system and a visit is created.
    • This information, which contains contact and demographic information, is sent to the Vital Patient app.
  • The app will then text the numbers associated with the patient's account, identifying which numbers are valid mobile numbers in the process.
  • Once the invite SMS is received, patients can use the link to login and authenticate with the app, validating their personal information in order to ascertain identity.
  • The Vital Patient app will then use the data feeds from the facility to provide constant and automatic updates to the patient visit and wait time estimates throughout the patient's visit.
  • Additionally, the app will share visit information that is unique to the patient, such as pending tests and when results are available to their clinical team.

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