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How do I configure a domain to point at the COVID-19 check app?

These instructions tell you how to configure a domain or sub-domain to point to the Vital COVID-19 check app.

These instructions are intended for a technical audience. You will need to know where the DNS for the domain is hosted, and how to add new DNS records.

In this guide, we'll cover:

  • Setting up NS records to delegate the target domain to Vital.
  • Making sure there are no SOA or CAA records blocking Vital from using the target domain.

The outcome of the delegation is that Vital will be able to manage the DNS records for the sub-domain you have chosen, so we can create ALIAS records that point to our application.


Before getting started, let us know the target domain or Sub-domain where you'd like to host the app. We will send you the specific nameservers to use for the next step.

Delegation Of The Target Sub-Domain

The primary goal is to set up is four (4) NS records for the target sub-domain. The exact way this is accomplished depends on the system or service you are using to host the DNS records of the parent domain. If you have trouble with a specific step, please let us know.

The list of nameservers we will provide look something like this:

*NOTE: These are example values only!



Make sure you only load these NS records on the domain or sub-domain you intend to use for the app, because any other DNS records on the target domain you delegate to us will no longer be used! You should only need to attach these as the main NS records for a domain if you want to use that whole domain for hosting the app. For a sub-domain, you should leave the parent domain's NS records alone.

Delegation - Additional Steps

These are some additional steps that may or may not be necessary, depending on the setup of your domain's DNS.

SOA Records

If you are delegating a sub-domain to us, your DNS may already have an existing SOA record for that target sub-domain. If so, you will need to delete it before the delegation will take effect. You only need to delete an SOA record if it is for the target sub-domain; leave the parent domain's SOA record alone.

CAA Records

If you are delegating a sub-domain to us, you may already have a CAA record on the parent domain for the target sub-domain. If so, you will need to change the CAA record to give us permission to issue a TLS certificate for the sub-domain. Modify the CAA record to contain the following text:

0 issue "amazon.com"

If you are delegating a full domain, or if there is no CAA record in the parent domain's records, you are ready to go, and don't need to perform this action.

Next Steps

When you have finished creating the NS records, let us know! We will create DNS  records for the app, and let you know when it is available for testing.